We are happy to announce the availability for trial of an exciting new feature that combines business SMS and bot technology to solve a growing problem for business owners.





People are relying on text messaging more than ever.  In fact 8 out of 10 millennials prefers to send a text message rather than talk on the phone.   This can be a challenge for business owners because most business phone lines can not receive SMS messages.  And even when a business phone line is enabled with business SMS,  it’s often difficult to ensure that an inbound SMS message will get routed to the right person in the company.

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For years, we’ve been saying that our cloud-based voice services, or Hosted PBX, can save 40% to 60% on your company’s monthly phone bill.
Cut the cord to the phone company and save money with a low cost VoIP business phone system

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Reduced Operating Costs

With no investment in hardware beyond the phones themselves.

Phone from the cloud

Business owners are recognizing the convenience and benefits of having this type of service.

Secure Communication

With no single points of failure in any layer of our redundant architecture.


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