Installing the Mobile App


Before installing the Mobile App, users require the following:

• A portal username and password
• An iPhone 5 or higher with iOS 9.3 or higher
• A Primary Extension - if they will use the app to make and take calls
NOTE: This can be the same as the Primary Extension being used for Communications Client.

• Non-account Owner users, who will manage the Virtual Attendant from the app, require specific permissions.

1.  Go to the App Store and search using the keyword ClickConnex.
2.  Select ClickConnex from the results list.
3.  Download the app.
The Mobile App Sign In screen will be displayed with a generic logo.


3. Open

4. Type user and password provide by your customer rep.

5. Click Allow

6. Click Continue

7. Click Accept inbound calls via wifi and callular

8. Click Accept

9. Click Allow

10. Click Allow

11. Click Continue

12. Click Continue

13. Now you are ready to make call


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