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How Many Seconds in a Rings?

Rings Time Conversion (this is only a guide line) 1 Ring: 6 seconds in the USA 2 Rings: 12 seconds in the USA 3 Rings: 18 seconds in the USA 4 Rings: 24 seconds in the USA 5 Rings: 30 seconds in the USA 6 Rings: 36 seconds in the USA Experience the rhythm of…
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Star Codes and Features

Reserved Number Space Certain 3-4 digit extensions should NOT be used. Please be aware of the Reserved Number Space page to avoid any conflicts with dial translations. Star Code Feature Description *** Dynamically Park a Call (in the 701-709 range) *{parking lot} Park a Call (to a specified park ext) *35{ext} Extension Pickup - Answer a…
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Call Center Greeting Scripts IVR

Samples of our greetings The professional voicemail greetings is the cornerstone of any good business. You want to retain some level of formality in the message, because professionalism is highly valued in your line of work. Quick Intro Hello and thank you for calling, please wait Talent: Zoe 02[audio mp3=""][/audio] During Business Hours Hello…
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Royalty Free Music

Her you can fine, IVR Music, Holding Music, Intro Music and much more Royalty Free Music by: Please visit   -----------------------------------------------------------------   Royalty Free Music by: Please visit  
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